Our Story

It is often the dual aspects of life in Dhaka City that those living here have to cope with. People often come to Dhaka City to enjoy the better benefits of urban life - high paced interactions, comforts of modernisation and a fast moving society plunging in to the ever-growing digital world, all in pursuit of happiness. It comes with a price where you have to leave all the goodies of living in the rural world - fresh air, stories of great traditions, simple games, fresh produces right from the fields, fresh fruits form the tress, fresh fishes from the ponds, fresh meat from the farm, and fresh ingredients that the elders prepare before they end up in our food. In short, we gave up all the freshness in pursuit of the benefits of urban life.

Tatka Haat understands this remorse and dedicates its services in to bringing the best local produces from around Bangladesh to your door front. From seasonal fruits fresh from orchards to traditionally prepared dairy products to spices, oils and other ingredients, we bring all from around Bangladesh to your homes in Dhaka City. We are also dedicating to bring you your desired products in the best of prices. That is a promise Tatka Haat dedicates to - Fresh and Affordable Online Market Place.

Tatka Haat envisions to become a reliable and trusted companion for your online culinary shopping needs. We aspire to grow as an online market where you can buy fresh culinary items cultivated from within Bangladesh and also Imported Exotic Items.